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Why it matters: According to HHS, the WAC rule was HHS attempt to introduceprice transparency that will improve the efficiency of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. To read the memorandum opinion in Merck Co. Inc. v. While the court did not question HHS motive, and expressly did not opine on the merits of disclosing drug prices to counter the rising cost of prescription drugs, the court did not hesitate to strike down a rule that the court deemed to have been outside the issuing agency s statutory authority.

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Price match guarantee

In practice the slide card 110 remains in the sleeve 12 and the blister card 310 remains on the sliding card 110, Referring now to FIGS. Turning now to the dashed lines illustrated in FIG. 7, there is shown a blister card 310 positioned over the slide card 110 as might be seen if the sleeve 12 were removed, the engaging tab 18 were extended, and the locking panel 320 were extended.

6 and 7, the blister card 310 has unit dose blisters 350 that are integrally formed with the base panel 340.

Responsibility for financial transactions


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